Paintings Find Home with Family

Sometimes things just fall into place. A wonderful Spanish style home in Los Angeles owned by a family coming to the end of a tough renovation were ready to put the finishing touches on their home.        

    They made a visit to my studio in search of a painting to be the focal point of their living room. Initially, they choose the painting "Interior" for that spot.

Once we got "Interior" into their home we realized that it was meant to live at the head of the dining table. Everything about it melded with the feel, colors, and texture of the space. Even the weave of the placemats casually placed on the table seemed to have a rapport with the brushwork.

They wanted to see "Wild Thing" for their living room which worked perfectly. An eclectic mix of contemporary and classic furnishings, the wild texture of the art piece complemented the metallic surface of the industrial coffee table. The hot orange spoke to the tones of the wood floor.

It's the best of the two worlds. My personal search for the combination shapes, shadows, and lines that give outward expression thoughts to the in my head finds its place in an environment that seems like it was waiting for it.

"Interior" Painting in Dining room

"Wild Thing" in Living Room