The Brush Off

I’ve been fortunate enough to be asked by the very talented photographer Jeffrey Sklan to be one of the subjects in his book of artist portraits titled “The Brush Off”.

He took a lot of photographs, but the time just flew by in the bat of an eyelash. Because it was fun. I don’t know which of the images taken will be used, but this was my favorite.

Being photographed is a strange thing. As a painter, you spend a lot of time alone, looking, searching…painting, listening to what the image is saying. Having the roles reversed is tough.

I don’t know if most artists start out introverted to some extent, or the work induces it. Social media has forced me to speak into the camera, share images of myself all of which has been very challenging.

Two years ago I think this shoot wouldn’t have gone as well. Much credit goes to Jeffery for putting me at ease as well as the gentle vibe of his assistant and daughter, Marina Sklan.