Artist's Statement


“Fairy Tale Remnants” is a series of paintings that reflect on the unsavory side of human interaction. The imagery used is derived from the genre of fables and allegories, portraying psychological dramas where robots, animals, and dinosaurs embodying some aspect of ourselves, battle out impossible scenarios.

The imagery is absorbed from tales of how to survive in a hyper color saturated world of good guys vs. bad guys. These life stories told in the cartoon lexicon. Like a lot of kids born around the time I was, an inordinate amount of time was spent absorbing the violent world of children’s television.  Real life desires and conflicts are reimagined on a surreal landscape without its adherence to things like gravity or logic, a nod is given to a dreamlike world driven by the unconscious. Predatory monsters and human beings fight for their interests without the benefit of civility.

These exchanges have become our new normal, raw and brutal.

I want to share visual stories that embody our struggle as human beings universal to our collective suffering.